• Mike Achilles

Celebrate History at Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In 1872, Captain Benjamin Briggs was at the helm of the Mary Celeste, a large brigantine shipping vessel. The task at hand would have been simple for such an experienced seaman: he was to take some industrial alcohol from New York and bring it to Italy. Something happened, though. Exactly what remains a mystery to this day. Found empty and floating in the middle of the Atlantic, the Mary Celeste shared no word of what had happened to Captain Briggs, his wife, his daughter, and his crew. She was a ghost ship, for all intents and purposes. In the years since, she has become the ghost ship of New England lore.

Everyone in Marion knows this story. We embrace it as a part of our local heritage. Inspiring a wide range of media, everything from feature films to episodes of Smithsonian, the tale of the Mary Celeste, still mystifying and captivating all these decades later, is worth holding onto. We want to do something creative, though, something that pays homage to Captain Briggs while also serving Marion, the town that he called home.

This brings us to Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library, which we believe will fit into Marion perfectly. An idyllic town like something out a Norman Rockwell painting, a true gem of Americana, this little hamlet situated close to New Bedford and Cape Cod is ripe for something new, exciting, and innovative. Between the thriving community here and the seasonal influxes of visitors, we are confident that we can build Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library into a destination just as